We at Bookboon are passionate about helping people learn! We are the world’s largest educational eBook publisher and specialise in a range of online learning & content marketing solutions.

You will be part of our small DevOps team and be an integral part in designing and adding new features to our various platforms and our hundreds of client solutions. You will work in close cooperation with our developers and top management/founders, which means that you will get a large amount of influence and will have the chance to really shape the direction of the business.

We also encourage you to make suggestions to develop the product, the technical setup, the code, features etc., so that, together, we can make the company and our customer experience better.

We are looking for a competent and ambitious Front end Developer who has a clear design vision, can make design, and implement his/her vision from a front end perspective.


  • Responsible for the design of all Bookboon platforms, as well as our many individual customer solutions
  • Implement design and features on all platforms as a front end developer.
  • Design and implement customised client solutions for companies like Siemens, SAP, GAME, Argos etc.


  • A strong creative capability and forthcoming with new fresh ideas
  • A good understanding of UX and conversion best practice
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience with wireframing and prototyping
  • Experience with responsive designs

MUST HAVES (in order of importance):

  • UX design
  • Sass
  • React.js
  • Javascript
  • Adobe design suite
  • Git